Thermal Spray Coating

Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted (or heated) materials are sprayed onto a surface.

Coating materials available for thermal spraying include metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics and composites.

They are fed in powder or wire form, heated to a molten or semi-molten state and accelerated towards substrates in the form of micrometer-size particles.



Corrosion, erosion protection

Repairing damaged surfaces

Gas pipeline compressor mufflers

Chimneys & stacks

Coal fired boiler tubes


  • 01. Wear protection for parts against abrasion, wear, erosion, cavitations
  • 02. Reducing or eliminating the degradation caused by corrosion
  • 03. Reconditioning and repairing critical components by bringing them back to their original size
  • 04. It is a low temperature process