Ball Valve Coating

METATECH is now evolved in coating of ball valve too. Our coatings gives hardness of about 65-70 HRC & resists erosion with least porosity, extreme temperatures and thermal shocks as well.



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Generally referred to as rusting, oxidation occurs when Iron is exposed to oxygen in the environment, and therefore is perhaps the most common form of corrosion. Temperature variations can accelerate the oxidation process. Rust scales made of iron oxide develop on the surface, which can somewhat paradoxically provide protection against further oxidation. However, rust can also penetrate deep into metal materials. There are a number of methods of preventing oxidation, from simply painting the surface to Metatech Thermal Spray Pvt. Ltd.'s specialized corrosion resistant coatings.

METATECH THERMAL SPRAY PVT. LTD. Surface Technologies offers a variety of thermal spray coatings that increase the life and improve the performance of metal seated ball valves. These wear-resistant coatings, which are applied to the mating surfaces of balls and seats, provide a solution to the wear issues facing ball valve manufacturers and users.

METATECH THERMAL SPRAY PVT. LTD. vast knowledge of coatings allows us to choose the correct chemistry for wear, corrosion, and temperature resistance while matching compatibility with the substrate material.

METATECH THERMAL SPRAY PVT. LTD. coatings are hard (70 –72 Rc), wear-resistant overlays that impede erosive and abrasive wear as well as provide protection from corrosive attack. Significant life extension can be realized even when the valve is under high pressures and temperatures.

METATECH THERMAL SPRAY PVT. LTD. can improve the performance of metal seated ball valves by providing a hard, resistant overlay that can help a customer achieve zero leakage with proper valve design. These dense coatings create a tight seal every time. In addition, some coatings can reduce the coefficient of friction, which further enhances the ease of valve operation

Overlay processes can distort the workpiece as well as necessitate post-heat treatment to restore substrate hardness. With METATECH THERMAL SPRAY PVT. LTD. coatings, subsequent heat treatment is not needed because METATECH THERMAL SPRAY PVT. LTD. thermal spray processes do not raise the temperature of the ball or seat above 300° F (149° C), thereby eliminating concerns of distortion.

Moreover, when ball valve replacement becomes necessary, METATECH THERMAL SPRAY PVT. LTD. coatings can be stripped through nonmechanical means and reapplied for less than the cost of a new part. Also, since we mate-lap the seats to the entire sphere, sealing is universal with both seats to the complete ball. This makes assembly and initial testing trouble-free.

The superior performance of metal seated ball valves coated with one of METATECH THERMAL SPRAY PVT. LTD. wear resistant coatings will help to increase productivity, decrease downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.