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Thermal spray Aluminium Coating

  • TSAC is one of the best processes for protecting different structures from high corrosion due to atmospheric moisture.
  • It is also used instead of paint in components in whi.....

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Thermal spray Zing Coating

  • Zinc thermal spraying involves a zinc wire being fused by a flame or an electric arc and atomized by compressed air onto the work piece.
  • The zinc, still in liquid form crea.....

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Ceramic coating

  • Producing solid ceramic components is not always the best approach to solving wear or corrosion problems.
  • In some cases, taking the original metallic part and applying a ce.....

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HDS Reactor Coating

We have done 600 sq. mt.  Thermal Spray Aluminium Coating on HDS Reactor within record time of 4 days

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Thermal spray s s Coating

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Boiler Tube coating

  • Boilers are large and expensive installations which can suffer enormously from wear caused by corrosion and erosion, aggravated by very high temperatures.
  • Boiler coatings s.....

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Copper Spray Coating

  • Copper alloy coatings are used for machine element work, salvage, repair and restoration of copper based substrates.
  • Coatings of pure copper provide good conductivity for e.....

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Twin wire Arc spray Coating

  • The Arc Flame Spray Process is the introduction of two electrically conductive wires (from 1.6mm to 2mm in diameter) that are melted by means of an electric arc process operating up to 3.....

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Thermal spary Coating

  • Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted (or heated) materials are sprayed onto a surface.
  • Coating materials available for thermal spraying include.....

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brass Spray Coating

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Molybdenum Coating

  • Molybdenum coatings produce hard, lubricious surfaces that are resistant to abrasion, galling and scuffing and exhibit a very low coefficient of friction.
  • These characteris.....

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Silverl Spray Coating

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Babbit Spray Coating

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