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Boiler Tube coating

  • Boilers are large and expensive installations which can suffer enormously from wear caused by corrosion and erosion, aggravated by very high temperatures.
  • Boiler coatings significantly extend the service life of worn boiler components, making them last longer than uncoated new parts.
  • Our protective coatings are a more cost-effective solution than replacement of the worn parts with new ones and offer direct savings in materials and valuable reductions in downtime.
  • Boiler Tube Coating is done by mainly 2 processes:-
    • Arc Spray Technology
    • HVOF Technology


  • Waterwalls
  • Superheaters
  • Economizers
  • Burner Nozzle Areas


  • Preservation of tube thickness
  • Recoating is possible once the coating has become depleted in service
  • Worn tubes with a minimum wall thickness can be coated
  • Anti Adhesive effects of coating reduce the build-up of deposits on tubes and simplify their removal
  • Far less boiler tube cracking or other failures that causes unplanned downtime
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